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Overweight? Relax, take some weight off.

Overweight? Food Shouldn’t Be Your Significant Other. The world has a deep, ongoing love affair with food. People are getting fatter and fatter, and Americans are leading the charge. Three out of four Americans will be overweight or obese (oh, boy) by 2020. Our undying addiction to food, and especially fast food, has turned to […]

MERRY STRESSMAS – All Decked Out in Holiday Hormones

ALL DECKED OUT IN HORMONES. There is a definite link between stress and hormones. Stress hormones are a normal body response, but when constantly under stress by daily situations, this can lead to long-term health problems. There are 3 hormones that are effected the most; Adrenaline what it is: commonly known as the fight or flight hormone, […]