Sugary Drinks Are Worse For You Than You Think!

Sweetened beverages – along with most sweets – have long been linked to weight gain and type II diabetes. But did you know it can also significantly increase your risk for hypertension?

In three separate study groups, scientists discovered across the board that drinking at least one sweetened beverage per day can be associated with a 6% to 20% greater chance for being diagnosed with hypertension.

While the reason for the relationship between sweet drinks (both sugar and artificial sweetener based) and hypertension remains unclear, the numbers certainly point to enough of a correlation to warrant concern.

So think twice before you down that next tasty sugary drink!

Ladies, That Cup Of Morning Joe Has Hidden Health Benefits!

Coffee Helps Fight Off Cancers

For many of us, coffee is a major staple of our everyday lives. It is delicious, and it gives us the kick we need to get the day started.

According to new research, coffee has additional health benefits. Scientists have found that women who drink an average of four cups of coffee per day had a 25% lesser chance of developing certain cancers than those who did not.

This mainly has to do with the effect that coffee has on estrogen and insulin in women’s system which have been implicated in endometrial cancer.

Unfortunately, the added benefits only exist with caffeinated coffee, and not with decaf, and applied only to those who consumed coffee on a regular basis.

So pour yourself that extra cup ladies!  It might just help save your life.

Strange Fact About Strawberries

Everyone loves strawberries. And why wouldn’t they? \

They are delicious! But did you know that they can actually help to improve your heart health?

Recent studies have found that subjects that included the daily equivalent of four frozen strawberries as a freeze-dried powder in yogurt, milkshakes or other food items showed an average of 4% greaterreduction in cholesterol, as well as an impressive improvement in their LDL and HDL profiles.

The scientists noted that the fiber found in strawberries may have also played a role.

Now we have an excuse to eat more strawberries!