What Does The Fall Of The Roman Empire Have To Do With Your Testosterone Levels?

Lead Poisoning Lead To The Roman Empire Demise

Since the fall of the Roman Empire there have been several scholars and historians who hypothesized that lead poisoning lead (no pun intended) to the downfall of the Roman Empire.

The aristocrats were known for drinking wine and found that wine tasted better and lasted longer when mixed with a concentrated grape syrup called sapa.

Sapa was made through a boiling process in lead pots which allowed for lead to leach into the final product. Sapa was also used in many other products and was found in Romans pipe and water systems. Lead poisoning can cause numerous deleterious effects including reproductive and developmental disorders.

New Age Synthetic Toxins Decrease Testosterone Levels











Today we face our own poisons from synthetic estrogens in food, DDT, BPA, and other various chemicals used in the mass production of food and other everyday consumer products. All of these chemicals were introduced to American society after World War II. The benefit is that with these chemicals products can be mass-produced on the cheap, but at what cost?  Since this time testosterone levels and sperm counts in men have been decreasing.

In fact the average sperm count in the 1950’s was over 100 ml/millilitre while today the average is around 30-50 ml/millilitre. Testosterone levels are much lower today for both men and women than they were decades ago and are dropping at the rate of 1% per year. Combine this with the average 1-3% yearly decline of testosterone that begins in our 30’s and yes Houston, we do have a problem.

What Does Banned American Beef And Plastic Bottles Have To Do With It?

Could this be why Europe has banned American beef and Canada will not use many of the plastic bottles that are produced in the good ol’ US of A (add site). So what can we do to protect yourself? Unfortunately, these toxins stay in the water supply for decades. However bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and proper supplements are one way to combat the deleterious effects of these chemicals.

But don’t just take my word for it, explore the new ground breaking research in the links above, check out the research papers listed below and contact Vitali-T Medical Clinics to see if hormone replacement is right for you.

And stay tuned as we take a more in-depth look into bioidentical hormone replacement for women and men over the next several weeks.

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Testosterone Fights Fatigue – WABAM!

When people think of treating chronic pain or fatigue, they typically think of turning to pain medication or caffeine. But did you know that testosterone therapy can also be a highly effective treatment for both?

The body has the ability to naturally manage pain through the production of endogenous optoids such as endorphins. Testosterone is vital in keeping the body’s optoid receptors working well.

Therefore, if you have low testosterone levels, you are likely to feel a lot more pain. Testosterone also acts as a natural energy in the booster in the body. When you combine these two effects, testosterone can be  a very effective treatment for illnesses like fibromyalgia.

If you suffer from chronic pain or fatigue issues, it may be worth your while to talk to your doctor about testosterone therapy.

Testosterone Pellet Therapy Featured on “The Doctors”

Yesterday’s “The Doctors” featured OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson discussing Testosterone Pellet Therapy in-depth. Learn all the risks/benefits, and watch an insertion procedure live!