Diabetes – Can It Be Reversed Through Weight-Loss?


Diabetes is a very scary disease that can drastically change your life and, when left unchecked, can easily become fatal.

A recent study out of San Francisco, however, has provided hope in the treatment of the disease.

The study followed two groups of patients suffering from diabetes or prediabetes.  One group (consisting of 2,262 patients) participated in a diabetes support and education-style intervention, while the other group (consisting of 2,241 patients) participated in an intensive weight-loss style intervention.  Participants were between 45 and 75 years of age in both groups, and had a median time since diabetes diagnosis of 5 years.  All were notably obese at the time of the baseline tests.

Those participating in the support and education group were given three annual group sessions that offered information on physical activity, diet and social support.  The intensive weight-loss group received weekly group and individual counseling/training sessions for the first six months, and was then followed by three monthly sessions for the second six months, then twice-monthly sessions from year two through year four.  They were also offered liquid meal replacements during their treatment.

The study followed both groups for four years, checking in on the patients once each year to monitor their glycemic status and body mass index (or BMI).


Based on these check-ins, the researchers found that the intensive weight-loss group lost significantly more weight, was in overall better health, and a higher rate of diabetes remission than those in the education group.

While it was noted that those experiencing remission was still statistically low, the chances of partial or complete remission was far greater in the weight-loss group, and even more so for sustained remission.


So now hitting the gym may not only tone your physique, it may also help keep your diabetes in check.

The researchers recommend consulting your doctor before participating in such a program, and be sure to continue use of any medication prescribed unless otherwise notified.