JUST WEIGHT AND SEE – Give Glands a Hand

In the 1800s, scientists began to think that some sort of chemical communication must take place between different organs in the body, and they later recognized that certain disorders could be treated with extracts from endocrine tissues. What we now know as the  endocrine system, includes all of the glands of the body and the extremely fickle hormones produced by those glands. (Fickle being understatement. Way, way under.)

Wild Things

In the simplest of terms, hormones are the chemical messengers in your body that control most bodily functions and are essential for every activity of life. There are some 50 of them swimming throughout your bloodstream at will, calling the shots, causing the damage and disruption they want. They’re like body bullies, and you can’t control them. Think of them as keys that need to fit into the right locks in your cells and organs. If they don’t connect, your entire body gets mucked up and can’t function the way it’s supposed to. One of the many things that unbalanced hormones can do is effect weight. Weight that can pile on and change your body in ways you can’t imagine. Weight that can make you gain as much as 30 pounds or so. Weight that leaves you feeling frustrated, upset, and even angry. Where did it come from, and how do you get it to go? (And yesterday, if it’s possible, please.)

Tipping the Scales

As we age, the weight debacle gets even worse. (Not exactly what I want to hear.) As we’ve said, unbalanced hormones have a big part in putting on pounds. And no one can help you get them balanced again more than hormone replacement expert, Dr. Stephen A. Goldstein at Denver Hormone Health. But balancing hormones is just the beginning. Because optimal health isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about keeping it off. Which is a tough goal. That’s why Dr. Goldstein has taken a big step in getting you there. As part of an integrated program, he now offers a hormonal weight loss support system that includes targeted health-boosting supplements that promote better results, plus access to the services of a respected nutritionist and personal trainer. Working in synergy they’ll help you in so many ways, the first, erasing any doubts you can do it. No one but Dr. Goldstein offers this unique program. (What’s his number? I need his number. I have to call now, and see him now.) It’s 720-425-9541

Maybe you should call, too.

It’ll be a weight off your mind.