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Vitamin D, What Have I Been Missing?

I’m not worried… I take my Vitamin C every day. I eat organic vegetables and avoid gluten. I have it all covered, or do I? What kind of question is that? I buy everything from Whole Foods, I must be doing it right. I watch Dr Oz for goodness sake, isn’t that enough? Well, according […]

Secret Tips To Eating Healthy In Colorado Springs

  Vitali-T Had The Honor Of Interviewing Yaitza Bueno, creator of ahealthierfitterme.com    Yaitza Bueno is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and the blogger behind ahealthierfitterme.com. Yaitza is also a mother, a military wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, who loves sharing healthy recipes and enjoys working out. She believes there is a better version of ourselves hiding […]

Tired of Being Tired!

I’ve Been Tired for too Long… I must admit, that I have had spells that could only be described by the above headline! How long can this last? How can I be so tired? How can I sleep eight hours and still be tired? I have some insight to the answer to this question and it […]