I Haven’t Felt This Way for 25 Years

Cissi and I are offering this testimonial in support of the tremendous work of Dr. Stephen Goldstein and his staff. We have been patients of theirs for two plus years and cannot speak long enough or loudly enough about their part in enhancing our lives.

We found Dr Goldstein as Cissi was researching Bio Identical Hormones. We spoke to several providers of Hormone Replacement Therapy and settled on investigating two firms, one being Dr. Goldstein’s. We picked Dr. Goldstein’s practice after talking with Debbie. Her excitement about the results from other patients and her convictions about how our symptoms were a result of hormone depletion were keys to our decision. I have to tell you she was not wrong and neither were we.

Our sessions started with our consultation with Dr Goldstein and Debbie. They were very thorough with their explanation and review of our symptoms and conditions. They had blood panels done on each of us which confirmed their suspicions. They explained what they recommended to us in detail and with our agreement; they put the program in action. The procedures went off without pain or discomfort and only took a few minutes each. I was amazed at the process and surprised at how simple it was.

Before the replacement therapy I was experiencing severe fatigue, reduced enthusiasm and drive and poor sleep. Cissi, who suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and a sleep disorder was experiencing depression, very poor sleep and constant pain.

I don’t know which one of us noticed the changes first, but it was only a few days before we noticed a change in both of us. By the end of the second week we were both in such a different state that we could not believe it. I had so much energy and drive, Cissi was sleeping better and neither of us was experiencing the depressions we had been suffering with. I had not felt this way for twenty-five years and could not stop myself from taking advantage of it.

We continued to use the Therapy for the entire year and the results continued. I know this works because we had a point where I had to skip a round. The result was unbelievable! My stamina left me, my drive was gone and my fatigue was worse than I could ever remember. Cissi urged me to get back on track and it was only a few days following the procedure before I saw results. Within a week I found myself getting things done that I had left hanging for months. I am convinced that the reason my body and my mind are reacting the way they are is due to the talents of Dr Stephen Goldstein.

Dr. Goldstein not only provided the Hormone Replacements but also put me on a supplement regiment that supported the changes I was making both physically and mentally. I have to restate that without Dr. Goldstein and his staff, neither Cissi nor I would be as active and healthy as we are.

Donald Mullen