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Hormones and Memory Loss: Losing It.

Mental Glue Turned to Goo? You’re wondering in panic where you’ve lost your phone when it’s in your hand waiting on “hold”. You can’t find your glasses, they’re on your head. “Wait, I forgot”… You went to the store for toilet paper and came home with a baguette, red pepper hummus and fig balsamic vinegar. […]

Perimenopause – Early Menopause

  What Is Perimenopause? Perimenopause is the transitional time (in some females) that leads up to menopause and permanent infertility. At What Age Do Women Experience Perimenopause? Women typically see perimenopause symptoms in their 40’s, but may see symptoms sooner. On average, perimenopause lasts around four years (ranges include several months to ten years). However, […]

Testosterone – 10 Things You Need To Know

The testosterone hormone is 500 million years old. Testosterone levels are over 20 times higher in men than women. Testosterone is commonly associated with: More muscle mass Wider shoulders Broader facial structure A deeper voice Men born with low levels of testosterone (low T) have more feminine features; while women with higher levels tend to […]