Need An Energy Boost? Just Think About Your Partner!

A recent study published in the journal Psychophysiology suggests that if you stop and think about your partner, you will create “good stress” which translates into an energy boost.Coffee and energy boosts

While many studies have shown that positive feelings can help to fend off physical and mental illness, this study from Western University (Ontario, Canada) analyzed blood glucose levels before and after participants thought about their current romantic partner.

The Study Found A Slight Rise In Glucose And An Increase In Positive Mood For A Short Duration

According to the researchers, their findings are linked to “eustress,” which is “good,” euphoric stress that is in direct contrast to bad distress.

“Essentially, love gives you a ‘rush’ both physically and psychologically,” says Sarah Stanton, Study Leader. “The ‘stress’ of love is linked with positive emotions, not negative emotions of any kind.”

So the next time that you have that sluggish feeling at work, maybe just think about your partner and that the extra cup of coffee may not be necessary!