10 All-Natural Ways To Increase Your hGH Levels

Save $800/mo By Naturally Increasing Your HGH Levels:


1. Interval Workouts

By raising your heart rate above your anaerobic threshold and engaging your fast switch muscles (for 30 seconds), you will increase your natural production of HGH. For best results, do this high burst interval training for 30 seconds, 5 or more times a workout.

2. SleepCouple lying in bed sleeping

By acquiring quality sleep for up to 8 hours per night, you will help your body to increase HGH production. Sleep is essential for lots of your other hormone production, immune functioning, muscle growth, memory and more.

3. Stop Eating Before Bed

Avoid consuming heavy meals 2 – 3 hours before bedtime. Consuming large meals before bedtime results in impaired insulin response which results in impairments in the production of your human growth hormones.

4. Lose Weight

We recommend maintaining a healthy BMI to optimize your natural HGH levels. By choosing healthy weight loss strategies and limiting your sugar intake, you will decrease the risk of insulin resistance.

5. Protein

Before turning in for the night, eat a small high protein, low carb snack. This will help to boost your HGH production and alleviate too many carbohydrates, which can decrease HGH production.

6. Play In The Sunanti-aging

Being in the sun for only 15 minutes everyday will deliver your body its adequate Vitamin D levels, which help aid production of HGH. However, if you prefer not to sunbathe, visit your local pharmacy for Vitamin D tablets (70-100 ng/mL).

7. Avoid Sugar Post Workout

Sugar (especially fructose) within 2 hours post workout will cause your hypothalamus to release somatostatin, which decreases HGH levels. Sugars that are high-glycemic will also spike your insulin and lead to additional body fat storage while decreasing your natural HGH production.

8. Fast

Intermittent fasting optimizes your blood sugar, digestion and helps release higher amounts of the human growth hormone. Fast for 12 – 18 hours per day, 3 times a week to experience the associated health benefits.

9. Cleanse Your Liver

A healthy liver is essential to experience the full benefits of your HGH levels (HGH is metabolized to IGF-1 in the liver). You can cleanse your liver by limiting the amount of processed food and alcohol you consume.

10. Nutritional Supplements

Melatonin – Taking up to 5 mg of melatonin before bed will provide your brain with a boost of antioxidants and increase your growth hormone levels by up to 157%.

GABA – Take up to 3 mg of GABA right before bed to help increase your natural growth hormone production. Studies have shown that taking a GABA supplement before bedtime can increase your HGH production by 200%!

Glutamine – Louisiana State College of Medicine conducted a study in 1995 and discovered subjects that consumed 2g of glutamine experienced natural increases in HGH levels. For optimum results, take 2 – 10g of glutamine after a workout or before bed daily.

L-lysine and L-arginine – Take 3-5 grams of L-arginine and L-lysine daily before exercising or bedtime to increase your bodies HGH production by up to 700 percent!

A-GPC (Alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine) – Researchers at the Center for Applied Health Science Research observed that subjects taking 600 mg of A-GPC two hours before resistance training had higher HGH production post-exercise than those who did not.