JUST WEIGHT AND SEE – Beer Isn’t Always the Belly Culprit

As men get older, their bodies become a breeding ground for weight gain. They sit more, eat more, eat more unhealthy diets. Of, course, beer could be one of the problems, but it’s certainly not the only one. The biggie, (sorry for the pun), could be hormonal. As you reach middle age, you could be doing all the right things and still pile on those no-way-I-can-hide-them pounds. And nothing seems to help take it off. (No whining “why try, then?”).

There Goes the Testosterone

Women have to deal with dipping estrogen as they get older. With men, the demon is low testosterone. Less testosterone, more fat. More fat leads to a further reduction of testosterone which leads to more fat…and so on…It becomes a maddening loop that’s hard to break. So, it’s 10 pounds, then 20…30… (and counting?). Because low testosterone can also cause low energy and fatigue, it means you’re less active. (There goes that mysteriously soaring scale again). And where does all this stomach-turning fat go? Straight to your stomach. Which is why your belly gets bigger and bigger until it can actually hang over your pants. It’s like being hit by a weight plague. You’re positive everyone is staring at you, shaking their heads in disgust. It goes way beyond feeling unattractive. You’re even embarrassed to have your wife see you undressed. Not great for a healthy relationship. And speaking of healthy, carrying that protruding paunch around is anything but. It can increase your risk or cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol and even cancer. What’s a guy to do?

A Weight Off Your Mind

Low testosterone can make you feel low in a lot of different ways. But things are looking up for you. There’s a way to balance your hormones and help send those unwanted pounds to the weight dumpster. And no one is more skilled and experienced in helping you send it there, than Dr. Stephen A. Goldstein at Denver Hormone Health. He begins by getting your hormones in balance. But he doesn’t stop there. He has developed a unique hormonal weight loss support system designed to help even more. This unique approach, includes targeted health-boosting supplements, along with access to the individualized guidance of an experienced nutritionist and personal trainer. They’re your team to total wellness, and reaching the objectives you thought were out of the question.

Stop feeling so frustrated and call now for an appointment.

The only thing you’ll gain, is help losing.