Fat Doesn’t Have To Be Forever – Part Two

So I’ve Lost Weight, Whats Next?

Dr-Goldstein-Office-ReadingDr Goldstein is your best friend, trusted adviser and chief answer man to many tricky “weight loss questions”. I have truly had my share of questions for him and he’s always had an answer. Now the important part is not that he had an answer, but he had the right answer!

What Role Do Supplements Play in Weight Loss and Maintaining Your Weight?

After my successes at the gym and with my diet, I thought I had this weight management game all figured out. After all, I lost over 130 pound! However, I continued to operate under false perceptions. What finally cured me of my misunderstanding was noticing my weight creep back on!

I did not panic, because truthfully I rarely panic, something about my rationalization skills, but I panicked! Then I took a deep breath, pulled up my big boy shorts and made a series of mistakes.

Five Things Not to Do:
This will save you much effort and dismay.

First – Do not double your efforts at the gym! What a mistake that was. I actually set myself back in several areas. I obtained several injuries that were very aggravating and I shortly lost my desire work out. So don’t do that because staying active is necessary to your health.

Second – Don’t go on a starvation diet. This one had terrible consequences. I dieted hard for ten days and then I just lost it and went on an eating binge like it was my job. By the end of fourteen days I was heavier than when I started (and if you used the term diet in my presence, I really got testy).

Third – Don’t ask amateurs. You would not believe the advice I got when I asked people who didn’t know what they were talking about. Please understand, each of the people who I took advice from were very sincere in their offering. They truly felt they had the answer. But alas, I fell farther behind and really started to question my ability to manage my weight.

Forth – Don’t despair. Your acts of despair may feed the real reason you are not making progress. This can result in a level of depression fed by doubts and fears, which only exasperate your problems further.

Fifth – Don’t just accept what is happening. This is not the answer and it will not go away.


What Should I Do?
This one is easy. Find a professional, like Dr Goldstein. He knows what you’re going through and has the knowledge and experience to determine the source of the problem. He uses tailored health and hormone plans specific to your unique needs. 

Dr Goldstein will look at the results of your blood work to see where the “too littles” and “too muches” are. This is what he did for me.

Did you know that minerals like Iodine are essential for weight loss?

How about Testosterone?

How about DHEA?

How about those things that affect your sleep like Melatonin?

All these things are essential to you being the most healthy person you can be. Remember, the perfect you is a product of all the right hormones, minerals, vitamins and practices. Think about why your diet plays such a role in your health. Why does it matter that we have a balance of meat, vegetables, grains and other things? Well, besides that we need calories for energy, we also need vitamins and minerals the foods provide. In the absence of getting them from our diet, we must get them in another way, which is through supplements.

But again, you can’t guess about this. I could not begin to tell you how much spinach you have to eat to get a sufficient amount of vitamin K, nor could I tell  you that you are deficient in vitamin K. However, Dr Goldstein can.
Your Not Alone, or at Least You Don’t Have to Be!
Dr Goldstein is my go to guy for my weight management. I trust him, and not just because he is skinny. –He has the answers that make a difference in my program. When he tells me I am doing something wrong and I take his advice, I improve. It’s that simple.

I am the only one accountable and responsible for my health and weight management. But it is not my job to go at it alone. It is my responsibility to do the right thing and in this example, it is to find the expert, listen to the reality and take actions based on the experts advice.