I resolve… to be good to myself.


The idea of loving oneself is a foreign concept to most. Many of us go through life receiving negative messages from parents, so-called friends, partners, or even the media. And we buy into it, our self-esteem plummeting.  When we accept these messages, we become focused on our own imperfections. We often feel we have to change the world for good things to happen. Maybe we just need to adjust our thinking. We don’t have to seek permission or approval to be ourselves. We just have to recognize and accept that like everyone else, we deserve to take up space on this planet just as who we are right now. Human. A good one. A smart one. A caring one. One worth love. Especially from ourselves.


Just say “no”.

And no, we’re not referring to smoking, drugs or alcohol. We’re talking about saying “no” to all the things you feel pressured into saying “yes” to, ridiculous as they may be.

– Of course, you’ll drive the entire block to school even if it means going back and forth a dozen times

-Without question you’ll give your signed paycheck to someone begging on the street

-You’d be happy to give your 14-year-old driving lessons. (In your new sports car)

-Absolutely you’ll give someone your clothes and jewelry or whatever that they say they wish they had that’s yours

-Stay late at work?

-Cover for someone else’s work? Bring it on.

-Work weekends? So, I don’t go to my kid’s soccer game.

-Make a 10-tier wedding cake for your best friend’s daughter’s wedding to save her money? Sure.

“No problem. Be happy to. Just ask.”

You get the picture.

From now on, when someone asks you to do whatever you don’t want to, look them in the eye, bite your tongue and give their requests a resounding “You’ve got to be kidding!”


Take control of the ball, dunk shot the dribble and think “Me, me, me…” (you can do it…practice in the mirror if you have to. The words will come out of your mouth.) So, what are a few “me” treats?

  • Let dust balls have their day.
  • Get a massage.
  • Have girls’ night out.
  • Have guys’ night out.
  • Tell the kids to get out when you need your own time-out.
  • Ignore stupid texts.
  • Ignore all texts if you want to.
  • Demand peace.
  • And quiet when needed.
  • Take the last piece of the triple layer chocolate cake no matter who begs for it.

That’s it, you’ve got it, keep it going…”me, me, me…”

If Guilt starts hounding you, send him packing and make him pay for his own ticket.

(And don’t even think of offering to drive him to the airport.) You won’t believe how good it feels to say good-bye.


2016. Even if it was a good year, there were times it sent you on a health loop. A dizzying one; headaches, trouble sleeping, fatigue, aches and pains, stomach problems, even depression. There were times you worried there might be something wrong with you that was more serious. But did you look into them? We’ll guess…no? Will 2017 be the same? Not if you make a determined resolution starting right now to see Dr. Stephen A. Goldstein, M.D., F.A.C.S at Denver Hormone Health. It could be that unbalanced hormones are the culprit in how you feel. No one in the Denver area is more experience and qualified in hormone replacement therapy. And its Dr. Goldstein’s sole purpose to make your feel your very best. He really listens to you. Then with a few simple tests, he can tell which hormones could be taking you down. From there, he creates a unique therapy treatment to turn things around and get rid of what might be some physical garbage.

So, start the year right, and call now.

It the best thing you could do.

Just for you.