Orange Juice, Drink To Your Health!

oj_weightlossDoctors have been telling us for years that orange juice is good for us. But did you know it can actually help you to lose weight as well?

A natural produce, orange juice is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and elements like potassium that the body needs. Additionally, scientists have recently discovered that the Calcium and Vitamin D found in regular and light orange juice can actually promote up to 12 times the amount of weight loss when compared to diets with lower levels of those nutrients.

Of course, orange juice is not the magic pill to melt the pounds away. In fact people who want to drop those extra pounds and still get vitamins can do this much better by diluting the orange juice with water. A one to three ratio of orange juice to water is much lower in sugar, while still providing some essential nutrients. However, a healthy diet and exercise are still very important. But a little help from your old friend OJ certainly isn’t going to hurt!