How Stress Affects The Body

Stress – Everybody Has It, Nobody Likes It

Did you know stress can do more than just annoy us?

The human body uses stress to react to certain situations. In some cases, stress can be a good thing as it keeps us alert and reactionary. But when stress continues without relief between instances can lead to a condition called distress. This is when stress-related tension begins to build and really start to affect a person’s daily life.

Symptoms of distress vary from person to person, but can include headache, elevated blood pressure, stomach-ache, insomnia or chest pains. Some research also indicates that stress can actually worsen certain symptoms of diseases. Many people turn to tobacco or alcohol to help cope with stress levels, but these substances actually have the opposite effect, keeping the body in a stressed state.

The best thing you can do to help relieve stress is to make sure to find little bits of time away from stressful situations and allow yourself to unwind. The more you can do to break up your stress, the better off you will be. So read that book, watch that movie, take that walk; it’s better for you than you might think!

Aspirin’s Hidden Benefits

Did You Know Aspirin Can Help Prevent Certain Cancers?

A small daily dose of aspirin (as prescribed by your doctor) has always been a staple for helping to prevent heart attacks.

Following a 10 year-long study, aspirin has recently been linked to reducing your risk of hereditary cancers by half. Specifically focused on patients with Lynch syndrome (an inherited genetic disorder that affects the genes responsible for repairing damaged DNA, ultimately causing cancer), the study found that roughly 30% of patients who didn’t regularly take aspirin developed cancer, while only 15% of those who did take it.

Encouraging results were also found with patients who suffered from a hereditary form of bowel cancer, showing very similar percentages of reduction of diagnoses. So if you have a history of cancer in your family, be sure to talk to your doctor about a daily aspirin regimen!

What Sets Vitali-T Apart

Everyone would love to live longer, have more energy, and enjoy and more fulfilled life if it was a snap decision wouldn’t they? Unfortunately, it hasn’t been made that easy yet. However, hormone treatment therapy is an essential tool in a formula that new age technology that allows us to live longer, feel better, and receive better medical care.

Hormone deficiency is a natural cycle as human’s age. Decreases in key hormones such as testosterone and estrogen progress every year as adults get older. These effects are prevalent in both men and women.

Surprisingly, women are often more affected and often suffer more severe effects, despite what you might hear or read.

For men, testosterone levels can begin to drop as early as age thirty and by age fifty, males may lose up to half of their normal testosterone levels that they once had in their youth. Once again, it may not be just testosterone that affects men, but a multitude of different hormone levels, including those identified more with women. These effects show in mood, energy, sex drive, weight gain, and fatigue to name a few.

For women, decreases in both estrogen and other hormones can produce any number of side effects. Depression, body pain, difficult menstrual cycles, and increased stress levels are just a few examples. These side effects gradually increase and can often get even worse post menopause.

For both genders body pain, fatigue, depression, stress, and a feeling that you just can’t do the things you used to enjoy are the worst factors. The inability to enjoy social and leisure activities as you did when you were younger are the main aggressors of hormone depletion and can severely hinder the ability to simply enjoy life!

Hormone balances are a difficult and delicate process that should be handled only by experts such as the ones at Vitali-T.

Don’t be fooled by false infomercials and ads on television claiming to solve these problems. True hormones are a controlled substance and can only be delivered by licensed experts. The licensed physicians and expert staff at Vitali-T can determine necessary treatment through controlled hormone pellet injections to increase your happiness, mobility, and overall wellbeing.

Sometimes the problem may not even be what you think it is. That’s why Vitali-T combined with exercise and lifestyle changes can truly extend your life. The trained experts of our staff will give you a specialized examination and treatment regimen designed to meet your body’s specific needs.

Vitali-T’s technicians and doctors use bio identical hormone technology from substances found in nature such as soy and yams. The molecules in these products are the exact same as those found in the DNA of the human body. That’s why this treatment is safe and so immensely effective.

The overall goal of everyone’s life, especially as we age, is fulfillment. For those feeling age is preventing them from going out, being social, and living as you used to, options are out there to change this. Ultimately, all of us, especially seniors, need a purpose in life, a goal, a duty, a responsibility of sorts. This is what keeps us healthy, active, energetic, and alive most importantly. Hormone treatment with a cutting edge company like Vitali-T is a crucial first step down the path towards a better longer life. Feeling better, feeling younger, that’s what VIitali-T can do for your life.

– Written by Brandon Barr, Psychology Major